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  1. We have the ______ in recommending you the new plan of international trade.

  A. a pleasure B. pleasure C. please D. blessing

  2. The contractors are worried that the lobby renovation plan may not comply_______local building codes.

  A. to B. for C. with D. by

  3. They also helped build the vast network of railroads that ______ important trade centers essential to industrial growth.

  A. had linked B. link C. linking D. linked

  4. Sonia Rivera has found it easy to sell ______ specialty handbags because they are attractive.

  A. her B. she C. hers D. herself

  5. The ______ expressed in this article are those of the author and are not necessarily the opinions of the editor.

  A. viewable B. viewed C. views D. viewers

  1. 【恢复案】B。松析:根据句子意:我们很快乐向你伸见我们的新方案。故选B,pleasure欢快,快乐。题干中曾经拥有了定冠词the, 因此不能加以不定冠词a,故扫摒除A。please 触动词,请;blessing,祝福,不快宜题意,故扫摒除。

  2. 【恢复案】C。松析:comply不得不与with 包用体即兴信守(规则、命令)。

  3. 【恢复案】D。松析:考查时态。根据句子意他们也僚佐确立了庞父亲的铁路网,此雕刻个铁路网衔接了要紧的贸善中心,对工业增长很要紧。僚佐突发在度过去,因此运用费过去时,故选D。

  4. 【恢复案】A。松析:her是描绘词性物主代词前面接名词。

  5. 【恢复案】C。松析:views不雅概念与express是触动客相干,完整顿表臻 the views which are expressed。

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